Michael Gogl
Bib: 206
Price: ā‚¬ 4 million
Country: Austria
Date of Birth: 4 Nov 1993 (age 25)
Points this race: 36
Tweets by Michael Gogl
Sums up the first week of the @giroditalia. only problem... tomorrow MORE @peterstetina ā˜ ļøšŸ˜† twitter.com/peterstetina/sā€¦ one month ago
daily routine before the stages šŸ¤  twitter.com/TrekSegafredo/ā€¦ one month ago
The one and only @ElisaLongoB is one of the one and only non german speaking persons that pronounce my name right..ā€¦ twitter.com/i/web/status/1ā€¦ 2 months ago
Thanks team šŸ•ŗ twitter.com/TrekSegafredo/ā€¦ 8 months ago
Eyyyy thats definetly some cool news! Welcome back Eddy šŸ¤˜ @EdwardTheuns twitter.com/TrekSegafredo/ā€¦ 9 months ago