Steff Cras
Bib: 131
Price: € 3 million
Country: Belgium
Date of Birth: 13 Feb 1996 (age 23)
Points this race: 9
Tweets by steff cras
Still feeling sick 🌡 after Dauphine. This airways infection stays longer in my system than I expected. But the good…… 7 days ago
I have to leave @dauphine because of sickness. It started after the horrible weather in stage 3. I thought It would…… 10 days ago
Feel happy that I can perform well again. All injuries are healed & I was managed to do a good set of training on S…… 22 days ago
I am able to train again! Tomorrow I leave to sierra Nevada to search my climbing legs and try to get fit…… one month ago
Happy to come home after a big day of travelling. In the next days we’ll see how my body heals from the wounds and…… one month ago