Toms Skujinš
Bib: 115
Price: € 7 million
Country: Latvia
Date of Birth: 15 Jun 1991 (age 28)
Points this race: 8
Tweets by Toms Skujiņš
Stoked for @TeamHincapie! Congrats gents and the whole @hincapiesports family including @tcbiker @richhincapie hats…… yesterday
#ThrowbackIdontCareWhatDayItIs Dauphine was a fun ride. Heat, hail and hard pedaling. Looking forward to some more…… 4 days ago
Kā raķete @Emils_Liepins cīnās ar lielajiem vīriem sprintā! Vislielākais respekts. 5 days ago
Veiksmi vīri!… 7 days ago
Altitude camp means extra time with Norma Extra for today is @tds on the telly 7 days ago